Dr. Joyce F. Brown
President, Fashion Institute of Technology

“The focus for the Social Justice Center at FIT is on the whole individual. We will intervene early with BIPOC youth so they can make informed decisions about their future and the careers they might choose to pursue. While they are in college, we will provide exposure to the inner workings of industry as well as concentrated support and training. Our partners in industry will then mentor, guide, and provide opportunities to accelerate their career potential.

“It is our obligation at FIT to mobilize our resources and our network to remove existing obstacles so that racially and ethnically diverse students can be recognized for their value in all of the creative fields, including fashion, beauty, interior design, graphic design, advertising, and communications.”
—Dr. Joyce F. Brown

Jeffrey Tweedy

Special Advisor to the President

The former president and CEO of Sean John and an FIT alumnus of Menswear Design and Marketing is special advisor to the FIT president, helping build and expand the center.