College and Career Exploration Program

Founded in 1979 to address the lack of arts education in New York City schools, FIT’s preeminent Precollege program attracts more than 3,000 attendees annually. To address the systemic problems faced by BIPOC youth today, the program is expanding to offer middle and high school students information about and orientation to creative economy careers and preparation for college entry. The exploration program will also focus on enhancing BIPOC community outreach and creating additional offerings that will introduce youth to career potential in the creative industries and assist them in meeting the qualifications for college admittance.

Access Scholarship Program

The Access Scholarship fund supports students who demonstrate financial need, awarding them aid for tuition and academic supplies.

Fellows Program

Expanding upon traditional internship and externship initiatives, the Fellows Program offers greater opportunities for BIPOC student talent. It provides purposeful mentorships and paid internships during the student’s college career as well as paid apprenticeships that can lead to entry-level employment. Selected students receive full scholarships for tuition, housing, and supplies.

Innovation and Design Program

FIT offers myriad opportunities for industry to collaborate with the college’s DTech Lab as well as through sponsored projects and contests. Through the SJC, partners can engage with emerging student talent and world-renowned faculty to address some of the industry’s unique challenges by problem-solving and innovating in a cross-disciplinary team environment.

SJC Expansion and Enhancements Program

Donor support will help expand and enhance the SJC at FIT. Community and student engagement will be built further through industry summits and workshops, arts and cultural programming, research and development, and collaborations with other organizations working to eradicate the systemic obstacles that BIPOC individuals face in realizing their educational and career goals.